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François Bianco



May 27th -  June 3rd, 2023



Raiano - L'Aquila (IT) 

"I'm always thinking about how to build a kind of landscape".

The Project

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The Centro Corradino d'Ascanio has invited François Bianco, visual and sound artist, to take part in an artistic residency focusing on the acoustic transposition of scientific data relating to human perception of seismic movements. 

Accompanied by Professor 
Jérôme Vergne from the EOST (École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre) at the University of Strasbourg, François Bianco has been working on the basis of scientific data collected by a seismograph. 

During his stay, the artist has been asked to interpret and modify the seismic movements by converting them into melodies.

The result of the residency has been presented in the form of a sound installation on the ground floor of the Centre.

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The Artist

A multidisciplinary artist, François Bianco (born in 1985) creates assemblages combining different materials. Whether it's stone, concrete, metal, sound or images, Bianco combines the different elements in sculptural objects that function like resonance boxes. 

In his work, the materiality of the objects coexists with a feeling of transience that evokes the passage of time, absence and disappearance, something to do with the permanent desire of a missing object. When he installs his works in space, François Bianco composes them like sounds, organising the movement of bodies around them and the flow of images that follow one another before the visitor's eyes.

Project Partners

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