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The mission of the Centre is to explore the different aspects of the concept of mobility, as a central part of our everyday life as well as being food for thought for the future.

The Centre aims to study and take action locally in a tangible way by showing the ambivalence of the cross aspects around the concept of mobility. This is achieved by combining the skills of a scientific panel – made of cross-disciplinary experts – with the community needs.   

To analyse the phenomenology of an event and preserve our critical sensibility is the approach we have chosen in order to investigate the subject matter. There is not such thing as a right or wrong movement, but different types of mobility as a result of natural or artificial causes to which we want to go back in order to offer better and creative solutions. 

Architects, designers and international artists will be called on to collaborate with companies and local organisations to find inspiring solutions for the urban, rural and cultural mobility all over the territory. In fact, the Centre wants to explore our current approach to mobility from a historical, scientific and cultural perspective. The aim is to combine the unique views of modern artists and designers on the concept of nowadays’ mobility as well as the utopic and dystopic futures connected to it. This is achieved by inviting the community to reflect upon the different models, lifestyles and credible possibilities. 

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